For our ancestors!

Didn't I just tell you to stop makin up animals?!

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blame ifanciful... x3


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I LIVE! (I haven't been online for about a week, though you probably haven't noticed, you working fool.)

xDD And I'm going to send you something too, but it's most definitely late. See, my internets was broken, and your address happens to be floating in my AIM transcripts somewhere, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yeah. I MADE YOU SOMETHING; BUT I'M SO NOT CREATIVE AND IT'S STUPID DON'T LOOK AT IT OR EAT IT (really on the latter, since it's not food).

Yay for work! Tell me about it! And what for be the guilt of the past, kiddo? (Even though you won't answer me. Jerk.) Oh, and you were made for so much more than filing in dark basements!! So so much more! Embrace your inner genius, and you shall be freed!

Okay, I'm going to go throw myself off a cliff as I plunge a fork through my eye now. My skin is falling off because I went off my 'raw foods diet' for TWO DAYS to eat milk chocolate(which is gross anyway; damn you, womanhood!) and waffles and a piece of pizza SJDSF:LKJDSONOFABITCHAS:LKDJAL:SJDHJ ;_____________________; why am i allergic to the world?? Whyeeee??

TMI? I think so.

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