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There's a couple MP4s in here, which I hate because they can't be previewed on box, and I accidentally labeled two of them track 08, but I'm sorry I just can't care right now. I might fix it later, but for the moment this is what we got. :B
(if the mp4s are a big problem for anyone let me know and I'll do my best to fix it a bit faster)

11 tracks, uploaded individually to and as a .zip to megaupload:

big prize | trocadero
stay with me | clint mansell
alchemy | johnny hollow
string quartet 3 (mishima): blood oath | philip glass
spitting out the demons | gorillaz
no use crying over (some techno) | 65daysofstatic
grace | apocalyptica
the scratches on the window in the doors of each cell | library tapes
god put a smile on your face | string quartet tribute
six days at the bottom of the ocean | explosions in the sky
the beginning after the end | stars

will we wake in the morning and know what it was

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Great looking mix! Can't wait to listen to it.

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