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This is a giant graphics post of despair. I sincerely discourage clicking the cut if a STUPID amount of images might crash your computer.

Okay, so there is a half-assed explanation for this insanity, and it goes a little something like this: I've become a hermit.

Sometime awhile ago I stopped posting anything but fanmixes, which is fine, I'm busy, blah blah blah. But the problem is, I didn't stop making things. And apparently, I made a lot of them.

I started looking through my computer today and realized the insane amount of graphics that would never be used for anything ever. And then I felt a little guilty about it, because I've spent a lot of time making all of these.

So, long story short, I thought maybe someone else could find some use in them.

Rules for the use of these images? There are none. Take them, cut them up, change them, leave them the same, I don't care. Within this VERY large post, we have: FANMIX COVERS that for whatever reason just didn't pan out, ICONS, some of which I'm currently using but have never made available to the general public, BANNERS of varying quality, and a couple other miscellaneous images that are just existing for the hell of it.

A couple notes:
-Any images with a lot of white space in the background I made into a link so you could get the general size/shape of the picture.
-The giant picspam looking thing in the Community section was originally going to be individual song covers for a fanmix. Most of the them are one picture comprised of four screencaps.
-The 'Over the Po River' cover in the Glee section is the cover for my NaNoWriMo project which will never see the light of day.




Rooster Teeth


White Collar


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